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We have been providing truck insurance for Trucking Companies and Owner Operators for over 25 years. We provide coverage for primary liability, motor truck cargo, physical damage, bobtail, and trailer interchange, as well as general liability, workers compensation, and any other coverage you may need.


Our experienced staff is ready to assist you in many of your commercial truck insurance needs. Give us a call today or compete the quote form for a truck insurance quote.


  Truck Insurance Services Offered

  Truck Liability insurance - Overview:

This is usually the first portion of any trucking company's insurance package. It protects you from claims for damage or injuries to other people or property as a result of trucking accidents, even if you are not at fault. This is where the insurance company defends you by defending itself. This coverage is also mandated by the State and Federal agencies, and a form of proof is required to be sent to them.

  General Liability Insurance - Overview:

Protection for injuries or property damage sustained while on your premises or using your products or services are some of the more customary types of risk this coverage is intended for. Automobile or Truck Liability does not provide for this coverage.


  Motor Truck Cargo Insurance - Overview:

The transporter of freight and commodities assumes responsibility for the cargo he has taken control of. The amount of that responsibility should be clearly established and understood by both the shipper and the transporter before the shipment is moved. This is usually done by contract, by bill of lading disclosure, or by published tariffs. Unfortunately, this level of detail is often overlooked by both parties.


  Workers Compensation Insurance & Bonds  - Overview
  business property/equipment Floaters/workers compensation/employee benefits

Workers Compensation may be required by various shippers or Companies. It may also be required by your state. You should carry workers compensation to protect your employees and yourself from claims for injuries on the job.

Bonds, for fuel taxes and motor carrier authority, are frequently required for trucking firms. Custom bonds, performance bonds, and other bonding needs are readily available.

We can also provide coverage for your physical plant and equipment.


We have been helping trucking companies of all sizes get the right protection for their businesses

for over 25 years.


We know the industry and have built a reputation for providing sound advice to trucking companies for managing risk both on and off the road. As our customer, YOU are our TOP PRIORITY and we will always work hard to understand and fulfill your needs,and to handle your claims quickly and professionally.


There is no one-size-fits-all insurance here. At Farrington & Associates Insurance we pride ourselves in providing the right policy to meet every client’s individual needs. No two situations are alike and we make sure we understand your situation before we recommend a coverage plan.


We offer a wide range of comprehensive insurance plans from many of the largest and most respected names in the business. No matter what size it is, we have the right policy for your operation. Our experienced insurance professionals have substantial knowledge of the trucking business and you can be confident that you are getting the right amount of coverage and are adequately protected without paying for more than you need. Our goal is to earn your trust and make you a customer for life.

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